Perfect Your Trading Launches an Educational Platform for Novice and Professional Traders

Perfect your Trading has launched an all-in-one trading education platform aimed at training traders. The platform features expert instructors and advanced integrated technology that makes learning how to trade practical and entertaining.

The company is ambitiously aiming to alter the marketplace's risk profile. According to statistics, 90% of beginners give up trading within the first two years. The organisation’s mission statement is to increase the number of successful retail traders over the coming years.

“I found myself getting frustrated by e-learning courses; they did not help me reach my educational goals. Upon talking to my peers, I discovered that many face similar issues. Out of necessity, we created a solution for the problem.

Our team at Perfect Your Trading believes that by combining quality content, smart tech and great instructors, we can increase the likelihood of students achieving their goals.”
- Shakur Abdirahman, CEO

Educating traders is the cornerstone to achieving the company's goals. Therefore the team at Perfect Your Trading developed a platform with the following education-focused features:
    - An up-to-date library of custom courses.
    - 1 to 1 coaching, instantly book a call with an experienced trader.
    - Trading insights, receiving recommendations and tips from instructors.
    - Close contact with a wide range of verified instructors.
Instructors are industry veterans with decades of experience in a variety of facets of trading. The instructors are subjected to extensive scrutiny before being granted access as instructors on the platform.

Not only do traders get to learn from the best and access on-demand courses tailored to their level of experience, but they also get to network with other traders. They learn through the most user-friendly and interactive interface technology available. The dashboard is constantly updated with new courses, resources, and trade insights to assist students in developing their trading skills.

Furthermore, the platform includes practical exercises and a course performance tracker. While learning, students get to practice their skills. Additionally, instructors receive analytical reports on course progress and assignments. Instructors can then offer specific advice and decipher what you can improve on.

Rather than second-guessing, Perfect Your Trading assists students in achieving clarity and making concise trading decisions. Visit perfectyourtrading.com today to find out more.

About Perfect Your trading
Perfect Your Trading’s platform supports newcomers and novices who want to grow into profitable traders by learning from real trading experts. If you’re tired of watching explosive financial opportunities pass you by, our courses and coaching can show you how to spot your next big trade.

Shakur Abdirahman
Founder, CEO
[email protected]