Join us to work in a fast-paced, experimental and uniquely creative digital environment.

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Get involved and work alongside true leaders, project managers, seo experts, ppc specialists, accountants, operations managers, designers and developers.

“Working with the Ki team has been the most influential experience of my working life. The invaluable skills I’ve picked up working alongside them has propelled our business to where it is today.” – Adam Grunwerg | CSO, Investoo Group

Company culture

It is vital we operate a healthy, helpful and happy office environment so we get the absolute best out of our people.


We’re based in one of the most innovative cities in the world, London.

Positioned in Liverpool Street, we are part of an exciting co-working space called Uncommon.

  • TheUncommon co-working space allows us to continually meet other entrepreneurs.
  • We collaborate with other businesses to bring projects to life.
  • Serviced offices mean we walk into a freshly maintained workspace, daily.
  • Our team can use the Us&Co network to find additional resources.
  • Our relaxed environment allows our creativity to thrive.
Extra bits

We ensure our team have perks so they genuinely love coming to work.

No company gets it all right, but we certainly try.

  • We keep the dress code casual so everyone can be comfortable at work.
  • Once a quarter, we all head out for an activity day.
  • Every team member has the freedom to bring new ideas to the table.
  • We socialise together, heading out for drinks and activities on a regular basis.

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