Michael Charalambous
Partner & Co-founder
"He embodies passion in every single piece of work he undertakes, with a meticulous eye for detail and a dogged assertiveness which won’t switch off until he’s achieved what he wants. I could praise his web management, marketing and business skills endlessly – but I believe his characteristics mean he’ll succeed in whatever he does. As an all-rounder who specializes in so much so well, he’s irreplaceable."

Born in London, I’m Greek Cypriot, Hungarian, Swiss and Austrian. I’m a kind, open, itchy-feet, worldly character always striving to improve and experience.

I crave and deliver knowledge, a natural born learner and teacher. I am a self motivated, hard working, logical thinker who is passionate about creative direction in brands, unique web design and progressive, thought-provoking marketing.

I like a challenge, I’m no stranger to long hours and relish the opportunity to solve problems.